Nostalgia - triggering positivity 
Epsilon's 2018 desk drop - a gift for Google clients - was a celebratory nod to personalised marketing through the lens of the planet's biggest sporting event. The challenge was to connect with 'C' suite Googlers on a highly personal level; showing how nostalgia can trigger emotion and resonate in a meaningful way.

Gold. Smartest Direct Mail (Low Volume) An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2019

Client: Epsilon EMEA marketing

Direct mail/desk drop. Creative Director


Our target Googlers were a mix of many different nationalities - 60 people from 21 countries. During the time of the World Cup they are continuously reminded of their roots and origins. From a neuropsychiatric perspective, nostalgia is a longing for a sanitised impression of the past, not a true recreation of the past, but rather a combination of many different memories, all integrated together, and in the process all negative emotions filtered out. A very powerful way to connect and surprise.