For a financial headache take... 
Challenge: Persuade Airlines CFOs through a two-tier strategic and tactical digital campaign how Amadeus' Financial Suite technology can ensure the accurate and timely accounting of revenues, the elimination of fraud and revenue leakages across all sales channels and help the airline make more informed decisions with real-time visibility. Create bold creative tactical assets to engage CFOs & CTOs at the Airline Financial Symposium. 

Campaign of the Month, B2B Marketing Magazine

Client: AMADEUS (Global Travel Industry)

Digital campaign: Creative/copy/design lead


It was Richard Branson’s famous quote,”If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline” that gave very clear signalling as how to approach this brief. CFOs in the airline industry are up against paper thin margins. Empathy was the driver behind how Amadeus partnership marketing understood the challenge and headache of streamlining costs. Amadeus showcased the campaign at a major symposium and offered not only a diagnosis but also possible treatments.


Headache tablets offered at the Financial Symposium

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Strategic campaign entitled, "Top line, bottom line, streamlined"


A free diagnosis was offered to airline executives

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1DMA 0456 Amadeus AIT Financial Suite Ro

Specialists were at hand to give technical support for airline CFOs