Retirement living & equity release

As people are living longer than they have in the past, there's a need to reimagine what retirement means. This proposal for Platinum Skies' 'health & wealth' solutions in retirement living, addresses the concerns of declining physical health and running out of money. Platinum Skies offers a rewarding retirement through varied affordable well-designed housing, flexible equity release options, infrastructures to promote active and healthy lifestyles in prime retirement locations. They needed an original compelling campaign and brand activation event to disrupt Baby Boomers' negative perspectives on retirement.

Client: Platinum Skies

Brand activation proposal: Creative, design, copy & video


"Today’s figures show that people are turning to all their assets – property and pensions – to fund their later lives, like never before. The desire of the nine million to flexibly blend their assets at retirement – property and pensions – looks set to keep growing."


Championing a cause and eliminate the 'disconnect' that the newly retired may experience. The proposal included an experiential event/festival/road show hosted by Platinum Skies to help activate awareness about the company's solutions for health & wealth and establish trust as a 'health & wealth' solutions provider.

The campaign proposal was based around the idea of 'designed' not built mitigating the negative opinions people may have with retirement property developers. The campaign aimed to break the perception that retirement homes are not 'one size fits all' and carefully planned equity release can provide a financial cushion for later life.